Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Girl Scout camping trip!

Aside from family members our daughter, who will be 7 next month, has never spent the night anywhere but with a couple different family members. This weekend her Daisy Scout troop was invited to their first Camporee. Not far from our home but still away all day and over night. So many questions came to mind like how many people will be there, who will be in the tent, how many chaperones, how old are all the kids, what are the activities planned, what will they feed her..and on and on.

As expected she had no questions! "Camping trip! Yippee!" and then she dances excitedly all around the house. She's into it and raring to go and has no idea if we're sending her for a week across the country or just a night across town. She's a little dare devil and always down for something adventurous. Go now and ask questions later, that's her philosophy.

Anyhow, the house feels quiet without her and I wonder what she's up to. Probably some arts and crafts, hiking around in the bushes and driving the adults crazy! Hey better them than me!

ETA: They called us at 10:15pm and she said she was homesick and wanted to come home so we went and picked her up!


Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

Following you from the cloth diaper board! Nice to meet you!

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Amy Walker said...

an award for you :)