Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Attempting to earn money by completing surveys...

Usually something like earning money by completing surveys seems like a concept too good to be true. So when someone referred me to CashCrate I was pretty reluctant to give out my info and sign up to another site. So far in less than 2 weeks I've earned almost $20.00 for about 30 minutes of my time spent combined, filling out surveys and clicking my mouse. Their payout is monthly and you only have to earn a minimum of $20.00 to receive a check each month. Many of their offers are actually rebates for trying free products and promotions.

So I think that if $20.00 will fill my gas tank up half way or buy me that blouse I've been wanting then it is worth my time after all.

I suggest you give it a try too! click her to join CashCrate

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Better Birth Way

If you are an expecting mother or know someone who might benefit from the help of a Doula, then you should check out A Better Birth Way in Central Florida. What is a Doula? By definition a Doula is a professional labor and delivery assistant, who provides support, care, and friendship to both the mother and her family. They are also very knowledgeable in areas surrounding childbirth like childbirth education, lactation, nutrition, parenting, physical/emotional/psychological issues, and more.

For more information, Contact Jamie at Jesa2448@aol.com or call her directly at 407-436-2287.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dr. Seuss Breastfeeding Rhyme!

Author Unknown

Dr. Seuss for Nursing Moms

Would you nurse her in the park?

Would you nurse him in the dark?

Would you nurse him with a Boppy?

And when your boobs are feeling floppy?

I would nurse him in the park,

I would nurse her in the dark.

I'd nurse with or without a Boppy.

Floppy boobs will never stop me.

Can you nurse with your seat belt on?

Can you nurse from dusk till dawn?

Though she may pinch me, bite me, pull,

I will nurse her `till she's full!

Can you nurse and make some soup?

Can you nurse and feed the group?

It makes her healthy strong and smart,

Mommy's milk is the best start!

Would you nurse him at the game?

Would you nurse her in the rain?

In front of those who dare complain?

I would nurse him at the game.

I would nurse her in the rain.

As for those who protest lactation,

I have the perfect explanation.

Mommy's milk is tailor made

It's the perfect food, you need no aid.

Some may scoff and some may wriggle,

Avert their eyes or even giggle.

To those who can be cruel and rude,

Remind them breast's the perfect food!

I would never scoff or giggle,

Roll my eyes or even wiggle!

I would not be so crass or crude,

I KNOW that this milk's the perfect food!

We make the amount we need

The perfect temp for every feed.

There's no compare to milk from breast-

The perfect food, above the rest.

Those sweet nursing smiles are oh so sweet,

Mommy's milk is such a treat.

Human milk just can't be beat.

I will nurse, in any case,

On the street or in your face.

I will not let my baby cry,

I'll meet her needs, I'll always try.

It's not about what's good for you,

It's best for babies, through and through.

I will nurse her in my home,

I will nurse her when I roam.

Leave me be lads and ma'am.

I will nurse her, Mom I am.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Get $25.00 Absolutely FREE, until April 15th!

I admit I was a skeptic on the whole RME thing but I finally took the plunge. Here's the link to sign up if you are interested Revolutionary Money Exchange Sign Up

Basically it's a payment processing and online account like Paypal, only since they are pretty new everything is completely FREE, no fees yet for sending or accepting money. Until April 15th they are offering $25.00 FREE when you sign up. I joined and moments later I had $25.00!

*If you sign up, make sure you check your account afterwards and click on the "Accept" button to accept your $25.00.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

One of my all time favorite songs

Monday, February 18, 2008


My husband and I were some of the lucky ones who purchased a house in 2001 when the market was normal, the prices would now have seemed dirt cheap and unbelievable. The problem is that even though we bought at the right time we knew we could never afford to buy a new home because the costs have quadrupled and even if we sold for a profit, we couldn't afford the mortgage on the cost of a new home at the recent prices.

Well recently foreclosure rates in our area have skyrocketed, prices have dropped, and interest rates are low. We saw this as a chance to jump on the opportunity to buy before prices went back up. The depressing thing is that virtually all homes in our area are being sold by banks who have foreclosed on local homeowners. House after house we toured looked abandoned and I could picture the families who had lived there no longer being able to afford their mortgages and 2nd mortgages, upside down in their payments, no longer seeing their home as an investment and deciding to give up. Here we were looking to purchase at a fraction of what they owed. Doesn't really seem fair but I guess it's the way the cookie crumbles.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Library Lady is after me!

So, after the birth of my twin sons I felt I needed to get motivated, get over my fear of taking three kids out in public alone. I decided to go to the library, hadn't been in ages, in fact wasn't even sure I still had a card.

I arrived and it was awesome! The Childrens section was amazing and I felt so guilty for not having taken my daughter sooner. We played checkers and the librarian in that section explained a program where my daughter would get prizes for reading books, all we had to do was check out as many as we'd like, read them together, bring them back and she'd get to win prizes. So I was feeling all happy and proud that I'd taken the kids out and all, so we checked out at least a dozen books, they are FREE after all I thought to myself.

Weeks passed and we returned the books a few weeks late but my daughter was still able to choose some prizes. I paid no attention at all to the fact that I'd accumulated a late fee. I thought late fees were like .01 per day per book or something...

Well a couple months go by and I get a letter, from a collection agency, stating that I owed the #*!##!* library over $50.00 in late fees! I was speechless. I still am speechless. How can they charge me more per book then the books were worth? Shouldn't I have been told that the price would be the same at this point whether I returned the books or not? I mean, I could have kept them.

So I have been putting off the inevitable, a confrontation at the library. No doubt they'll treat me like a criminal for owing them money. I am just so ticked that I let this happen.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Two Identical Babes with Opposite Personalities

I used to worry about whether or not my little guys would be treated as individuals, as separate and unique people, but now I think I may not have to worry about that. Mason and Spencer have personalities on opposite ends of the spectrum. One is crazy, mischievous, always on the run, even eats standing up in his high chair. The other is mellow, content, and cautious about taking risks. They're only 1, but I am sure that the traits I see developing now are a preview of what the future might hold.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

FREE Diaper GiveAway!

This month every order placed, for any brand and any amount, gets you entered for a chance to win a FREE KnickerNappies Disposanot Diaper with LoopyDo Insert! Winners will be chosen weekly so don't miss out on your opportunity to start the New Year off with a FREE Diaper!

It's freezing outside!

Last weekend we were on the boat in our bathing suits, and the last couple of days we actually had to turn our heat on! I am sure that Northerners would laugh out loud if they watched our local weather channel. You'd think by the way the weatherman is acting that we're going into the next Ice Age! lol But seriously, it was pretty cold for Floridians, got into the low 30's last night. People actually go out and put sheets and blankets over their precious plants and everyone rushes out to buy up all the space heaters at the local stores. We just can't take the cold around here, it's just not natural!