Sunday, July 29, 2007

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Why you should support WAHM's

Not long after starting my business and creating my website, I realized the importance of supporting other WAHM'S (work-at-home-moms) and other Small Businesses. The first few weeks, ok the first month, was really slow. The internet is a big place, they don't call it the World Wide Web for nothing, and it takes a while for your site to start showing up in searches,etc. Many times a day I'd check my email, "refresh" -no emails, "refresh" -no emails, "refresh" -no emails. It was depressing, all those dreams and ideas, all the inspiration, it was hard to keep my chin up and keep on keeping on. And then it happened, "refresh" -"A New Order Has Been Placed." My first order, it was as if the clouds had parted, the angels sang out. The amount of the order didn't matter, it was the fact that someone visited my site, my store, my baby...and made a real purchase! You know what? Many months and many sales later, I still check my email way too often, and I still get that giddy feeling when I see that someone's placed an order.

The difference is that now I know how it feels to struggle, to have a dream, to own a small business, and I want to support others who are in the same boat as I am. I want my order to give some other wahm that excited feeling, I want to imagine them packaging my order with care while holding their babe on their hip. I want my $10-20-30+ dollars going into their bank account and contributing to their success. I want their dreams to come true just as I imagine and hope for my own dreams to become a reality.

So, I hope that you'll remember my little story and imagine the small business owners appreciation of your business next time you're shopping for a gift or looking to make a purchase. You could be making someone's day and not even know it!

Check out and visit the links of some of my WAHM friends. You'll find great products and even discount codes for some of their sites!

About Me

I am 29 and holding...I can't believe that. I feel 19, and sometimes still get carded for beer so that's a good thing right? My husband and I met when I was 19 and he was 17. We eloped 5 years ago on top of Grandfather Mountain in gorgeous North Carolina. Someday we'll retire there. My husband Matthew is a musician and works as a Firefighter/Paramedic locally. We have a 4 yr old red-headed, freckle faced daughter named Guinnevere, and identical twin sons Mason & Spencer who are 9 months old. I am an only (lonely) child who always begged for siblings. I love to create things, paint, craft things, imagine things, but I have a serious problem following through with my ideas. If something doesn't happen easily or perfectly on the first try then I usually give up. Recently I've been attempting to sew. The problem is that I want to cut some stuff out and sew a masterpiece like I envision, but I don't want to take the time to measure, make patterns, use pins, or read directions. So, my first attempt at sewing yoga pants ended up with the legs sewn together. The wearer would have had to waddle like a penguin! Now I have resorted to sewing things that only require sewing in a straight line....OK, I am rambling now.

Back to business...I have always had a passion for retail and always knew that I'd love to own my own store. But for the past ten years I've had trouble figuring out just what I'd sell. Then the boys came along. We were so blessed to have literally received a truckload of disposable diapers at our baby shower. That supply was due to run out about 4-5 months after they were born. My husband and I discussed how expensive diapers were going to be. Believe it or not he said "what about cloth diapers?" Funny thing is that I had recently met some cool mamas online who use cd, I just never thought he'd go for it. So I said "yesssssssssss!" I price shopped online that night and literally (no lie) woke up the next morning and told my husband we were going to use cloth diapers and open our own business selling them.

And here I am.

A Conversation with myself

Leave it to me to find one more thing to do, like create a blog first thing in the morning, rather than work on the pile of all the other things that need my attention. Hopefully this blog will help me organize my thoughts, help you get to know me, and help people looking for answers to questions about cloth diapers, support for their addiction to cloth diapers, and support and encouragement for life in general. It always helps knowing your not alone in the world.