Thursday, December 6, 2007

The WAHM Mall

Recently the opportunity arose for myself and three other amazing WAHM's to invest co-operatively in a website that was for sale. The site is The WAHM Mall. If you would have seen it the day we bought it, you'd know that pretty much the only thing we haven't changed is the name!

Katie owner of KT Naturals Mineral MakeUp, Kayli owner of Nekkie Blankie, Kayla owner of Kayla's Cloth Kits, and yours truly, all have our hearts and minds set on becoming the ultimate online resource for new and existing WAHM's. We provide affordable, creative marketing and exposure for WAHM run businesses and we are developing our Forums where we hope WAHM's from around the world will congregate, connect, share, and learn from eachother.

Stop in and say Hi!