Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Attempting to earn money by completing surveys...

Usually something like earning money by completing surveys seems like a concept too good to be true. So when someone referred me to CashCrate I was pretty reluctant to give out my info and sign up to another site. So far in less than 2 weeks I've earned almost $20.00 for about 30 minutes of my time spent combined, filling out surveys and clicking my mouse. Their payout is monthly and you only have to earn a minimum of $20.00 to receive a check each month. Many of their offers are actually rebates for trying free products and promotions.

So I think that if $20.00 will fill my gas tank up half way or buy me that blouse I've been wanting then it is worth my time after all.

I suggest you give it a try too! click her to join CashCrate