Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Library Lady is after me!

So, after the birth of my twin sons I felt I needed to get motivated, get over my fear of taking three kids out in public alone. I decided to go to the library, hadn't been in ages, in fact wasn't even sure I still had a card.

I arrived and it was awesome! The Childrens section was amazing and I felt so guilty for not having taken my daughter sooner. We played checkers and the librarian in that section explained a program where my daughter would get prizes for reading books, all we had to do was check out as many as we'd like, read them together, bring them back and she'd get to win prizes. So I was feeling all happy and proud that I'd taken the kids out and all, so we checked out at least a dozen books, they are FREE after all I thought to myself.

Weeks passed and we returned the books a few weeks late but my daughter was still able to choose some prizes. I paid no attention at all to the fact that I'd accumulated a late fee. I thought late fees were like .01 per day per book or something...

Well a couple months go by and I get a letter, from a collection agency, stating that I owed the #*!##!* library over $50.00 in late fees! I was speechless. I still am speechless. How can they charge me more per book then the books were worth? Shouldn't I have been told that the price would be the same at this point whether I returned the books or not? I mean, I could have kept them.

So I have been putting off the inevitable, a confrontation at the library. No doubt they'll treat me like a criminal for owing them money. I am just so ticked that I let this happen.


~Billie~ said...

Oh my!! That is crazy! Our local library has always 'overlooked' my tardiness. I've had others here tell me they get the same treatment. I can't believe your getting a collection notice for $50!

Eric said...

You could have just joined BookSwim and returned the books whenever you were done, with no late fees. The library is a great place to go. But when a busy parent has to worry about bringing back books on time, it can get hairy. And if you don't take care of that $50, they collection agency will report you and it will negatively affect your credit (NY Times article).

baby~amore' said...

that is ridiculous - have you paid it or complained ?
In the past I had very overdue books but our library doesn't charge any fees.
I came by from Top Momma to say hi and wish you good luck - I have twin boys - fraternal. Your sons are adorable.Mine are 20 month sold today.

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